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Chaotic Goodies

I like my men emasculated and infantile

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14 December 1985
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(I'm doing it in list form because I suck at talking about myself)

Name: Ava

Nickname: Mel0dies

Age: 22

Orientation: Never really thought about it

Interests: Writing, anime, manga, video games (especially fighting games and JRPGs), yaoi, reading

Fav Boy/Boy Pairing: Volgin/Raikov, Naked Snake/Raikov, Solid Snake/Otacon, Vamp/Raiden, (most of my favorite pairings are from the Metal Gear Solid series), Iwaki/Kato,
First Encounter With Boy/Boy Love: A Vegeta/Zarbon fanfiction I read back when I was a kid.

Other: I'm a pretty nice person. I'll try my best to make my journal worth friending and reading.

Social capital

  • less than 10